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I believe it is getting close to planting season in the community garden.  The little gardens are open to anyone who wishes to “get down and dirty” by planting your choice of veggies and/or flowers.  You must continue to tend your own garden from start to finish.  The veggies are yours to keep or give away to the parish or give to Our Daily Rest.   Please mark the plots that you choose in some way, so others will know they are spoken for.   ENJOY!!  

Thursdays 1 pm - 4:00 pm
Golden Corner Respite Care                                                                       
Alzheimer or Related Dementia Group Counseling
For more information, contact Bailey Dull, program director/ (864) 973-7590

                         SR. GENEVIEVE LYNN WILL HAVE A

                         LABYRINTH WALK AND MEDITATION

                     NOTE: Suspended due to the Covid-19 virus


                         PLEASE JOIN HER AND ALSO SPEND                                   SOME TIME IN CHRISTIAN FORMATION



We have set up AmazonSmile for anyone who makes purchases through Amazon to have 0.5% of their purchase price to be contributed to Ascension.  Please read the information below on how it works.

Additional Information about AmazonSmile...How does AmazonSmile work?
When first visiting AmazonSmile, customers are prompted to select a charitable organization from over one million eligible organizations. In order to browse or shop at AmazonSmile, customers must first select a charitable organization. For eligible purchases at AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to the customer’s selected charitable organization.


We have simplified the process for you:  

This link will take you directly to to support Ascension so you won’t have to search for Ascension among almost a million other organizations.  It’s the easiest way for you to find and support Ascension.  Just press your control key on your keyboard and click on the link below.  You’ll need to sign in to your Amazon account, or create an account.  Then follow the prompts and start shopping.  It’s very simple.

They do tell you that you’ll need to go to when you want to make purchases and have 0.5% go to Ascension.  If not, then it will just go to the page; please bookmark that page, so it’s easy to access in the future.   You’ll see at the top of the page – Supporting:  Church of the Ascension.  If you sign out of your Amazon account, you’ll need to log back in using   It’s easier just to bookmark the page for future logging in.


    2020 - placed on hold for now

   Feeding the Hungry 

Our Outreach Mission is to reach out to our community and help those in need.  Every 3 months we gather together in Ascension's kitchen to prepare a nourishing evening meal that will feed over 100 adults and children.  We take the food over to Ann Hope UMC in Seneca around 5pm and serve it out of their kitchen.  If this is a service that you'd like to help with; please contact The Church Office (864) 882-2006 for more information.  

"RISE AGAINST HUNGER"  Was held at Ascension on October 5th, 2019.

It was fantastic...we had 40 volunteers who packed 10,000 meals. (There were 10-12 from Ascension and the rest from Clemson and Seneca).  We are grateful to all who helped make this event so fruitful...we will let you know where our meals are going soon.  #2030 is possible!  Let’s work together to end hunger by the year 2030.

Update:  10,152 meals were sent to Somalia to feed the hungry!!   Great Job Everyone.

CHANGE FOR CHANGE - The Mason Jar Initiative for the future

Our parishioners have been asked to collect coins in a mason jar; which they have decorated or left as is.  When they feel that it is time to donate the coins - a half jar or a full jar, they bring the jar to church to have the coins blessed on the altar. Then they take the jar back home to refill.

This is an activity which is fun, uniting, and creating monetary growth in our church.

STAPLES  "Giving Back to the Community"  Event  was held on Saturday - Sunday July 27, 28  2019

    Thank you to Russ Ricker for arranging that Ascension have a booth set up to represent the church and invite the community to attend our 10am service.  We handed out water, flyers to the Low Country Boil fundraiser, church flyers and coloring books/crayons to the children.

   Pictured are Lynn Robinson, Linda Pressley, Carolyn Ross and Lou Leffler.  JD Williams, Mary Ann Williams, Tracey Rouen and others also represented Ascension at the event.  Thanks to everyone for a successful weekend.

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