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Holy Eucharist  Sundays  10 am

Seneca, South Carolina

WELCOME to the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, located in Seneca, Oconee County, in the beautiful Upstate of South Carolina, not far from Clemson University. We welcome all to our church and to our parish family. Our faith is based on the Word of God and dedicated solely to the Glory of God.

As a member of the Episcopal Church we believe in the unbroken continuity of One, Holy and Apostolic Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are part of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina. Our Bishop is the Rt Rev Andrew Waldo. 

Over the past years, Ascension's Vestry, aided by a periodic congregational gatherings, has developed a parish mission statement, articulated the parish's values, and evolved a visioning process.  As a result, Ascension is a church whose parishioners see themselves as endowed with a clear mission and values for life, and a visioning to accomplish them.


Our mission statement, "Disciples of Christ, called to serve neighbors near and far," really says who we are and identifies our commitment to each other and to the community around us.   Our core values describe how the parish actively lives out its mission statement:

·         Compassion -- We strive to satisfy the needs of our fellow parishioners and the community through caring and sharing.

·         Worship and Prayer -- We meet the needs of God's people through the Episcopal liturgy.

·         Fellowship -- We enhance our lives and faith through relationships and interactions with one another.

·         Christian Education -- We increase and deepen our faith and knowledge through the study of Holy Scripture, especially Christ and his teachings.



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Holy Eucharistic Prayer Service
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Sundays 10 am 
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